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With the strength of those 22 women, the organization has grown to over , strong all over the world. Women like Sadie T. Civil rights activists Dr. And as we approach the King Day celebrations, we salute Tina Allen, who was commissioned to do major sculptures, including Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. While the organization was founded in the month of January, another significant date for the sorority is March 3, While still living in a segregated society, the black women marchers were asked to march at the end of the parade by organizers, for fear of losing the support of southern voters.

Hazing Deaths

William Duncan Saunders, 15, died of a skull fracture and ruptured aorta when he was roughly flung from a bed during an incident variously described as horseplay unrelated to hazing and hazing. He was a member of Alpha Delta Phi fraternity, but his chapter was not implicated in his demise. Here is a clipping at the time: Walke , 16, blamed his suicide by gunshot over a depression that enveloped him due to New salem School hazing.

Utah finally outlawed the practice after his death, according to the Ogden Standard-Examiner January 10, The death was blamed by his mother on hazing, but cited as illness-related by university then-administrators who nonetheless strongly condemned all acts of hazing.

During the session, the rushee, Mallie, who did not want her full name published because it might affect her chances, was mostly quiet, worn out by her recent finals.

It is one of the faintest constellations in the sky. Like other constellations of the zodiac, Capricornus was first catalogued by the Greek astronomer Ptolemy in the 2nd century. The constellation is associated with two mythical creatures from Greek legends: Capricornus constellation is home to several notable stars, as well as to the famous globular cluster Messier The brightest star in the constellation is Deneb Algedi, Delta Capricorni.

There are five meteor showers associated with Capricornus: The story of Capricornus originated with the Babylonians and Sumerians. The Greeks associated the constellation with the forest deity Pan, who had the legs and horns of a goat. Crotus, his son, is usually identified with another amphibious creature, represented by the neighboring constellation Sagittarius. He also suggested that the gods disguise themselves as animals until the danger passed.

In the myth, Pan eluded the monster himself by jumping into the river Nile and turning the lower part of his body into that of a fish. Zeus eventually killed Typhon with his thunderbolts. In reference to the myth, Capricornus is still often depicted as a goat with the tail of a fish.

Capricornus Constellation

While individual events suffered somewhat others exploded. A few African-American events lost attendees this year. Was that decline of major significance going forward or a minor blip on the radar? Are African-American conventions forcing suppliers to do more with less because of reduced budgets?

Romona Riscoe Convention Dates:

Diane is an attorney in New York. As my sorority sisters and I celebrate Founders Day today, I take the time to reflect on the importance of Delta in American history, as well as its current impact on our society. Ninety-eight years ago today, 22 women who were students at Howard University were moved to create Delta Sigma Theta. They wanted a sisterhood that would address the oppression that plagued women and African Americans. Delta was unique in that it rejected the focus on socializing in fraternal organizations.

They pooled their collective strength to promote equality; support the under-served; educate and stimulate participation in the establishment of positive public policy; promote academic excellence; and highlight issues and provide solutions for problems in their communities. The mission the Founders of Delta Sigma Theta set forth in is still incredibly relevant today.

Deltas throughout the world serve communities in need, particularly those of color. Deltas lobby to U. The work we do as Deltas is important because we serve as sisters. Deltas support each other in our work as Deltas, but also in our personal, social and professional development. Delta is a sisterhood of more than , predominately black college-educated women, throughout the world. Deltas are strong, intelligent, passionate and motivated women.

We Are Kappa Delta.

Continue reading the main story Samantha von Sperling is an image consultant in New York, but lately her bread-and-butter Wall Street clients have asked her to help their daughters get ready for rush at schools like Harvard; the University of Wisconsin, Madison; and New York University, which has added three chapters since and more than doubled the number of sisters, to Sororities are emerging in surprising force at campuses not usually associated with the Greek tradition.

Students raised on Facebook and fears about post-college careers view sororities as the ultimate social network and an extension of the community service begun in high school. Nationwide, membership is up, growing a bit more than 15 percent from to , to , undergraduates, according to the National Panhellenic Conference , which represents 26 old-line sororities. Twenty-eight percent of female undergraduates at George Washington University last semester were Greek, about double that in ; at Lehigh University, in Bethlehem, Pa.

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Establishment — [ edit ] An undated image of the first building on the campus of Arlington College The university traces its roots back to the opening of Arlington College in September Arlington College was established as a private school for primary through secondary level students, equivalent to the modern 1st—10th grades. At the time, the public school system in the city of Arlington was underfunded and understaffed. Trimble, to invest in and hold the same positions at Arlington College.

In the first few years, between 75 and students were enrolled in the college. The public school began to rent space at Arlington College, and was eventually sold to the city in The public school building became so unsafe that all of the space in Arlington College was rented for the — school year until the creation of the Arlington Independent School District in Although the public education system was set to improve, Arlington College was closed and the property was sold to James McCoy Carlisle.

Bird’s-eye painting of Carlisle Military Academy, Carlisle was already established as a respected educator in the North Texas region, and he opened the Carlisle Military Academy in the fall of

University of Texas at Arlington

I remember these women being the most approachable, enthusiastic, direct, diligent, and well-rounded women always naturally running things. I always sat in amazement as these women took the floor, delegated responsibilities, and worked until the job was completed. I knew back then it was definitely something that separated Delta women from the women of different organizations.

When the land was cleared and the foundation was laid, the women of many DST chapters, locally and statewide, came down religiously EVERY weekend and sometimes during the week to help with the building.

Since its founding more than , women have joined the organization. The organization is a sisterhood of predominantly Black, college educated women. These students wanted to use their collective strength to promote academic excellence and to provide assistance to those in need. Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Founded in by 22 phenomenal trendsetters who saw no limit to their vision for sisterhood, scholarship and service. Delta’s Founders stepped out on faith to march with the suffragettes and took a stand for social justice as their first public act.

More than years later we pride ourselves by following in the footsteps of our Founders and remain in the forefront of action as a voice for those in need. With a biennial theme of “joy in our sisterhood, power in our voice and service in our heart,” we welcome you to explore our website as we proudly share who we are and the principles for which we stand. For Delta sorors this website is intended to support your needs as a member by providing basic tools and resources for the business of our sorority.

I hope you enjoy your visit to our online “home” and come again!

University of Texas at Arlington

I am so glad that our Sisterhood has touched your lives in the ways that it has! I’ve wanted to be a Delta since 5th grade because my music teacher and favorite teacher at the time , Ms. Regan, was a Delta, and so was another teacher I loved, Mrs. My aunt was also a proud Delta Diva.

The financial figures obtained from the CVBs are all over the map, so do your own research.

Hazing Deaths

Walke , 16, blamed his suicide by gunshot over a depression that enveloped him due to New salem School hazing.

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