Marriage rate down, divorce rate up as more Chinese couples say ‘I don’t’ or ‘I won’t any more’

Marriage rate down, divorce rate up as more Chinese couples say ‘I don’t’ or ‘I won’t any more’

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Guangdong Travel Guide and Map

TW-Studio produces for most of the leading furniture brands in the world. The company uses the finest fabrics and pays attention to every detail. Boloni Home Decor Beijing Co. Boloni Home Decor has been playing one of the professional roles in the Chinese furniture industry and now produces kitchen cabinets, interior doors, walk-in closets, sofas and other furniture.

A lack shanghai matchmaking event young women — a result of the skewed rate of baby boys born under China’s one-child policy — means an estimated 30 to 50 million men will be without a wife in 20 years.

Homosexuality is not an aberrant blip on the cultural radar of Chinese history. Ancient records mention queers as far back as the Shang Dynasty that’s 1, years before Christ ever said nothing about gay love. During the Western Han Dynasty B. The traditional attitude was generally tolerant as long as men fulfilled their filial duties to take a wife and produce heirs. Not until the Song dynasty did laws emerge to control popular male prostitution.

Qing Dynasty conservative Confucians 17th century , buggery-obsessed British-colonial imperialists 18th century , and Mao with his catastrophic pogrom to annihilate Chinese cultural tradition 20th century , all failed to stamp out the human reality of same-sex love and gender diversity. A short-lived attempt to stifle the natural by adding homosexuality to the official list of diseases fizzled in April, , when physicians updating the Chinese Classification of Mental Disorders pressed their collective undo button.

China’s long literary tradition offers many elegant references to socially accepted gay and lesbian relationships in the ruling classes. Indeed, some of those legendary romances are still referenced in contemporary language used to describe homosexuality. Alas, the lives and loves of common folk and women were rarely valued enough to be put into song, verse, or scholarly library, and so these listings offer a remarkable glimpse at the comtemporary everyday gay scene enjoyed by millions of comrade Utopians.

The slang term lala or is also used by lesbians to describe themselves.

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This is especially true if the book you are looking for is a foreign book about China, in which case it might be deemed to controversial to be sold here. There is a wide range of English-language books, including English translations of Chinese classics as well as English classics aimed at Chinese students some complete, many abridged. There is also a good selection of Chinese-language textbooks, as well as English-Chinese dictionaries.

The selection may not be quite as diverse as the previous two suggestions, but prices are better and Beijing Lu is THE place to be in Guangzhou for shopping. You may want to schedule your visit accordingly in order to avoid the crowds.

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An AYI is a woman who comes to your house and do household chores for you. That is, clean up, laundry, wash dishes, or even cook for you. It is possible to ask her to take care of your kids but prior arrangements is necessary. The best thing about AYI’s is that they come really cheap. I heard that there are some who can get better bargains at 10 RMB per hour. If you live in an upper-class subdivision like us then it is quite easy to find an ayi.

Here are some tips: First, go to the security guard and ask him if he knows any Ayi who service other tenants on that subdivision. Chances are he is familiar with everyone who enters the premises regularly. It is best to ask people in the morning and late afternoon.

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This is the highest rotating restaurant in Asia. The building itself has become a visual symbol of Shanghai and modern China and features especially at night when the light show takes over. Daily Buffet Lunch 11am-4pm. Subway Line 2 and get off at Lujiazui Station. Overlooking the entire city. Features a lavish, big-budget design and jaw-dropping views over the river and city.

Cixi Sunway Trade Co.

A common misconception is that tai chi is not used for fighting — it can be, and it can be very effective. This sounds like a violent fighting technique, where brute force counts. Tai chi is not like this at all. Tai chi is actually all about balancing Yin and Yang, hard with soft and speed with slowness, and not to do with iron fists punching through brick walls.

Tai chi can be extremely effective in a fight, but it teaches students how to read their opponent, absorb their energy, and counter, not how to win through strength. Today, the forms of tai chi most commonly taught are simplified version of the style of tai chi invented by tai chi master Yang Chengfu This version was initially developed specifically as exercise for old people, a way to help avoid illness, and was hence devoid of martial content.

Over time many varieties of tai chi have developed, but the basic characteristics are the same — tai chi is a soft martial art, which views meeting strength with strength as the worst possible tactic. Some versions of tai chi use weapons, including swords and in rare instances, more exotic weapons like whips and chains.

Détail d’une poutre – صورة ‪Zhongshan Park‬، بكين

Organizers of the 5th Shanghai Matchmaking Expo said shanghai matchmaking event purposely. Thousands of lonely hearts flock to matrimonial expo as China’s annual Singles’ Day takes on added interest this year. Shanghai matchmaking event Get ready for the Shanghai Matchmaking Expo! But many people enjoy the atmosphere——and the thrill of the hunt——and have been coming for years, greeting each other with a quick nod and a faint smile.

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Beijing map Silk Market Up until , this market was called Silk Street and had the same location but was an outdoor market. Today, everything is covered by a roof and this market is probably the most visited by foreign tourists in Beijing. In the basement floor you’ll find shoes, belts, handbags and suitcases etc. On the first and second floors there are mainly designer clothes. Be careful to try on everything you buy here, to be sure you get the right size. Silk products are sold on the third floor: There are also tailors here, willing to make suits or dresses for tourists that often pay a little more than they should.

Floors four and five have jewellery, pearls, Chinese crafts and art, watches, electronics etc.

Marriage rate down, divorce rate up as more Chinese couples say ‘I don’t’ or ‘I won’t any more’

You know you want to. Hotel Jen Beijing Beijing is a lively city filled with an eclectic menu of activities to suit the taste of everyone, regardless of whether you are a foodie, a lover of architecture and art, or a history buff. Fans of people-watching may want to start the day at Ritan Park which is five minutes by car from the hotel.

This is one of the oldest and best-preserved buildings in Beijing. There are many places to try this savoury treat and a personal favourite is Li Qun which has a rich history and great reputation — after all, it has been serving Peking duck for more than years!

Dr Trevor Pitts, visainfos london.

A street vendor came up trying to sell me something. I ignored her swiftly and, like any Chinese, dexterously avoided her blockage. I speak a bit of English, I will go up to her. The top is plastic, but everything under her dress is eatable ewww this sounds a little wrong…. And we were greeted with the fattest terra cotta worriers yet. After failing on finding the bakery we decided to check out the corner tower of the forbidden city. My friend Xiaolin, a long-time resident in Beijing, told me that the Corner Tower is rated the most beautiful spot in Beijing this autumn.

From the Corner Tower you could easily find Zhongshan Park. One of the first parks established after the fall of Qing Dynasty Empire. The 8-sided gazebo was supposedly inscribed with Chinese medicine scriptures, but were erased during the Cultural Revolution. Love the red wall. An office building set inside Zhongshan Park.

Who would it be? Of course, Communist Political Committee will have the gut to claim this piece of gold mine.

Shanghai matchmaking event

Volz Schuhmacher, Alltec Company, volzalltec live.

Grand Mercure Shanghai Hongqiao

John Walkden, Vlisco hollandais, partime.

Zhongshan Park Shanghai

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